Thank you for booking your second round call!

If you are reading this it’s because you made it through to the next phase of our admission process for Fundraising Mastery and you have booked your 2nd round call. 

As you prepare for your call here are some resources to help you ace the next call. 

 First Video Resource: Fundraising Is A Skill with Fulcrum Founder & CEO Will Sacks


2nd Video Resource: You Can’t Delegate Fundraising with Will Sacks


In you haven’t already, please connect with us Linkedin here, so you don’t miss any program dates or announcements. 


Below are some testimonials that will help you get a feel for what it’s like inside the program if you are offered a spot: 

Paul Gambill Testimonial
Julie Testimonial
Anisha Testimonial

3rd Video Resource: How To Raise In An Economic Downturn with Simon Sokul, Dylan Robbins & Will Sacks


4th Video Resource: Leveraging AI To Win Your Market & Investors with Jeremy Burton, Chhavi Singh & Will Sacks


5th Video Resource: Investor Roundtable with Aaron Stachel (First Mile Ventures), Angela Lee (37 Angels), Liam Randall (Relentless VC) & Will Sacks


6th Video Resource: 25 Rookie Fundraising Mistakes & How To Avoid Them with Will Sacks


7th Video Resource: Guest Session – How to Raise from Angels with Ron Tarro from New World Angels