Fundraising Fatigue & Rookie Fundraising Mistakes

Are you tired of sending endless emails and going from one meeting to the next but still not close to closing your round? Is it taking much longer than you anticipated? You’ve read every blog, watched every YouTube video, and talked to countless people about fundraising, following their advice, and still not getting the results you need. Investors seem interested but still haven’t written that check, what gives?

The issue is not that you’re not trying hard enough – because you are. Instead, it’s likely the process you are using just isn’t effective and/or you are making a handful of rookie mistakes. It’s not your fault and we are here to help. If you are currently raising or planning to raise capital and want to fast-track your success, then this webinar is for you.

Our founder, Will Sacks, will share 25 rookie mistakes almost every founder makes and most importantly, how to avoid them! This is your chance to learn from someone who has fundraised millions of dollars and exited on a previous startup.