Our schedule is below. You should have received invitations for all events. In case you haven’t, please click on any event in the calendar below and then click on “Copy to my calendar”.

All events are happening on Zoom. At the time of the event, you can join with this link.

Please check this calendar from time to time as we’ll be adding more Guest and Working sessions. You’ll be notified and invited to all new sessions as well.

Cohort Members

We created a spreadsheet containing each founders contact information. You can access it by clicking on the following button. Please feel free to fill out the missing details so we can understand your mission better and we can all connect on LinkedIn and follow your company pages.

Google Drive Folders

Each of you has a personal Google Drive folder that we created and that you’ll be using a lot throughout the next three months. This is where all your Assignments should be for us to check them before each session. Also, your decks should be uploaded here. Each folder is shared with the owner and Fulcrum team, so everything you upload here is not shared with the rest of the cohort.
To access your folder, please click on your company logo.

Group 3

Group 4

Group 5

Group Meeting Instructions

Groups meet weekly. Please set up a weekly meeting within your group. Please watch the video below for the format and instructions for your group meetings. 

Now that you understand the group meetings, you can access your Group Meeting Sheet below. Each template is shared only with the members of the group.

Schedule Your 1on1 Meetings

During the program, you get one 1-on-1 meetings with Will each month (three in total). Please note that these need to be scheduled during the program only, so the best option is to schedule them now. To do so, click on the button below. 1-on-1’s are to review your progress and assignments. If you show up to a 1-on-1 without having done your assignments the 1-on-1 will be cancelled and you will not get another one. 


Session 1
Feb 25, 2021

Working Session 1
Feb 26, 2021

Session with Tim Mayeur
Mar 1, 2021

Working Session 2
Mar 2, 2021

Working Session 3
March 3, 2021

Office Hour 1
Mar 4, 2021

Working Session 2
Mar 2, 2021

Session Slides

After each session, we’ll upload the PDF slides here. You can access them by clicking on the button below. Please note that you can only access slides from previous sessions.

Audio Material

Click below to access the audio program including all bonusses and assignment templates.


Please click on the image above the session you want to see the assignments for.

Session 1
Feb 25, 2021

Session 2
Mar 11, 2021

Session 3
Mar 25, 2021