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How To Close Investors For Your Seed Round (Part 2)

In today’s post I’m going to address the final step of the 7 step process of doing super effective investor meetings: The final close. As a reminder the 7 step process is:

Step 1: Engage
Step 2: Build Rapport
Step 3: Qualify
Step 4: Enroll
Step 5: Handle Objections
Step 6: Test Close
Step 7: Close

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How To Handle Investor Objections

Here’s a proven method to handle investor objections and finish meetings with investor commitments. Today let’s talk about handling investor objections.An “Objection” is a concept from sales, and since fundraising is sales, objections are very relevant to raising capital from investors. In fact, I believe it’s crucial for every founder to know how to handle objections because often they are what stand in between you and closing a given investor on your round.

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Free Webinar: How to Put Investors in a Trance

As many of us have learned, just because you have a solid concept, team, product, traction, and market opportunity, it doesn’t mean investors will get excited. Because excitement is an emotion, and the language of emotion is storytelling.

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Fundraising During a Pandemic?

What does the coronavirus pandemic mean for you as a founder raising money? How do you navigate this new landscape? Will funding dry up? Or are there new opportunities being created?

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Welcome to GetFunded

Welcome to GetFunded! our mission is to promote social entrepreneurship and harness the power of business to create the world we want. Too many entrepreneurs

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