Dare to Dream Big

Fulcrum Venture Accelerator is a fundraising accelerator for impactful startups. We believe that fundraising is its own skill and that without this skill many entrepreneurs fail where otherwise they would succeed.

Our programs help founders become among the top 1% of startup founders when it comes to raising seed capital.

All our programs are based on the real-world experience of startup founders. We have taken everything we’ve learned about raising seed capital and distilled it down into an effective repeatable system.

We believe that armed with this system and a desire to execute, any founder can find and close the right investors for their venture.

If you are a startup founder who needs investment capital to take your venture to the next level, please check out our programs and consider applying. Our mission is to help 100 impactful startups get funded, will you be next?

Fulcrum Venture Accelerator was founded in 2019 by serial social entrepreneur Will Sacks with the mission to empower socially-minded entrepreneurs and help them succeed at raising capital.

Will once created a solar powered race car that he raced from Chicago to Los Angeles and most recently founded Kindara with the mission to empower women everywhere through body literacy. Kindara raised around $9M in angel and venture funding and was acquired in 2018. He and the Fulcrum Venture Accelerator team are based in Boulder CO, and Nashville TN, USA.

To learn more about Fundraising Mastery, our signature program that has helped founders raise more than $35M, click here.

Meet Our Team

Will Sacks Head Shot GetFunded

Will Sacks

Founder, CEO

Cailin Hardell

Program Director

Sharn Bassi

Director of Operations and
Program Manager

Gary te Roller

Director of Admissions

Melanie Platt

Venture Partner

Nathan Swan

Venture Partner

Ollie Gabriel

Venture Partner

Alyssa Mitchell​

Venture Associate​

Andrija Rakocevic

Venture Associate

Meet Our Mentors

Fulcrum mentors have raised over $700M in angel and venture capital

Eva Wong

COO & Co-Founder - Borrowell
$96M Raised

Omer Davidi

CEO & Co-Founder - BeeHero
$66M Raised

Caleb Counts

CEO - Connected Cannabis Co
$55M Raised

Kuljeev Singh

CEO - ResQ
$46.7M Raised

Ryan Lee

President & CEO - Nautical Commerce
$31M Raised

Anil Narasimha

Co-Founder & CEO - Mekonos
$31M Raised

Vasu Prathipati

CEO - Maestro QA
$31M Raised

Julie Gerdeman

CEO - Everstream Analytics
$29M Raised

Ariyan Kabir

Co-Founder & CEO - Gray Matter Robotics
$25.4M Raised

Elizabeth Muller

CEO, Co-Founder, Board Director - Deep Isolation
$22.6M Raised

Yashar Behzadi

CEO & Founder - Synthesis AI
$21M Raised

Piyush Sharrma​

CEO - Accurics (Acquired)
$20M Raised

Matt Harris

Founder - Bloom Credit
$19.7M Raised

Kaitlyn Knopp

CEO & Founder - Pequity
$19M Raised

Vikas Gupta

CEO - Azibo
$19M Raised

Rakesh Soni

CEO - Login Radius
$19M Raised

Vikram Ashok

CEO - Graphite
$18.8M Raised

Bob Lam

CEO - Shard Secure
$15.6M Raised

Gary E. Barnett

CEO - Rulai
$14.5M Raised

Raffi Holzer

CEO - Avvir (Acquired)
$12.6M Raised

Kohsuke Kawaguchi

CEO - Launchable
$12.5M Raised

Dylan Robbins

CEO & Founder - Lucra Sports
$12.1M Raised

Corey White

CEO & Founder - Cyvatar
$12M Raised

Jennifer Dyer

CEO - Yappa World; Investor
$12M Raised

Jason Devitt

CEO - Compound Eye
$7.9M Raised

Xina Quan

Co-Founder & CEO - PyrAmes
$6M Raised

Mohamed Sheta

CEO - Aiztech; Fulcrum Alumni
$6M Raised

Marshall Hayes

Founder - Amplio Digital (Acquired); Investor, Executive Coach
$6M Raised

Krishnan Gopalakrishnan

CEO - Plannery; Fulcrum Alumni
$4.1M Raised

Kiah Hochstetler

CEO - Goodworks Ventures; Investor
$3.2M Raised

Daniel Nordberg

CEO - Playground.tv; Fulcrum Alumni
$1.6M Raised

Chhavi Singh

Cofounder - Flyte AI
$1.5M Raised

Aslan Goldenhour

CEO & Founder - Mimicry
$ Raised: Undisclosed

Laura Lucas

Partner - L'Attitude Ventures
$ Raised: Undisclosed

Patrick Reichenberger

President & CEO - AltiBio
$ Raised: Undisclosed

Yagub Rahimov

CEO - Tested Web; Investor
$ Raised: Undisclosed