After a rigorous selection process that involved reviewing hundreds of companies we have handpicked our sixth cohort of promising companies, all set to graduate in June 2023.

Our cohort companies are selected based on the founder and potential to make a positive impact. We are excited by these visionary founders and their ability to build scalable companies that make a difference.

We are proud to announce the companies in our sixth cohort:

Monittor — Monetize OEM equipment for life (CEO Noemi Kis)

BaKIT Box — Global adventures for curious young bakers (CEO Shelley Gupta)

Solatix — The first ethical, all-in-one web3 restaurant tech platform (CEO Matthew Murphy)

Rutabaga — Fast & efficient product development as a service (CEO Dwayne King)

Skoolspot — Safer staffing platform for international schools (CEO Ash Pugh)

Victa — Gamified running with tangible results (CEO Aleksander Karbankov) — No-code web3 development platform (CEO Kaleb Phillips)

FirstHX — Efficient patient onboarding for improved outcomes (CEO Chris O’Connor)

Crowdsolve — The pre-accelerator to fix climate change (CEO Tim Wolters)

Digital Gaia — AI-powered planning for sustainable agriculture (CEO Ned Harvey)

Beaker Health — Crowdsourced continuing education platform for healthcare (CEO Jerrod Jeffries)

Offer1 — A better residential real estate offer process (CEO Steve Brant)

Sang Cash — Paying songwriters on time, finally (CEO Stephen DeGrazia)

Fulcrum adopts a unique approach by identifying promising startups and founders at an early stage and facilitating seed capital to help them elevate their ventures. Notable graduates like Nori, Plannery, and Expectful have either raised subsequent funding rounds or been acquired.

About Fulcrum & Fundraising Mastery

Fulcrum Venture Accelerator’s mission is to help human potential flourish by identifying the most promising entrepreneurs working on impactful startups, and leading them through an intensive process of fundraising development so they close seed financing. Fulcrum has worked with more than 75 promising young companies since 2019, and alumni using the Fulcrum process have raised in excess of $35 million in pre-seed and seed funding.

Sharn Bassi
Program Manager
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