This morning we were was forwarded a Wired article about how Natallia Miranchuk (a founder from our December cohort) just closed a seed investment from super model Natalia Vodianova

Having founded a femtech company myself I know how impactful they can be so this warms my heart. This is a big win for both Natallia’s and for women everywhere.

And it’s a win for us at Fulcrum. Natallia M entered Fundraising Mastery with Soula and really dug in, with our support she worked on her demo, her go to market strategy, her pitch, and her flow in investor meetings.

We watched all her hard work pay off over the course of the program.

It all came together and we couldn’t be more proud. Congrats to Natallia M and the whole Soula team.

Despite what’s going on macroeconomically, it’s awesome to see the process continue to work.

Our founders have now raised more than $41.5M and we’re excited to double that this year. Great work Natallia!