The world we live in has problems and needs solutions, and I believe a lot of those solutions will come from entrepreneurs like you.

But in order for those solutions to actually get into the hands of the people who need them, funding is often critical.

And the sad reality is that most founders who set out to raise seed capital either fail, or waste a lot of time and succeed at a lower level than they had hoped.

This was me when I started Kindara. I took what I could get instead of really executing a well thought-out fundraising campaign.

My company Kindara was chronically underfunded for years before I figured out how to really execute and win at the fundraising game.

Since I left Kindara in 2018 I’ve seen countless founders stall out during the fundraising process, or close a fraction of what they really need to execute on their vision.

Eventually I got tired of watching talented founders and good ideas die, so I created Fundraising Mastery to do something about this.

Firstly because I believe in entrepreneurs and their crazy visions of a new and better future!

And secondly because I remember when I was first raising money for Kindarait sucked big time.

If you’ve ever been in this situation you’ll likely be able to resonate:

I would get meetings and a few commitments from investors, but my rounds just never seemed to come together or be as big as I wanted.

It was super frustrating. I had this big dream (Kindara!), but this big obstacle (fundraising!) was standing in my way.

Some days I would come home from the office and lie facedown on the floor while my partner looked at me with raised eyebrows (a bit dramatic? yes. But for me the struggle was real).

I hated the feeling of going around in circles.

But eventually over time and over 8(!) rounds I figured out what I was missing. I discovered the most important thing when raising money is … the process.

Process is the key to seed stage fundraising. It’s not the pitch, it’s not who you know, it’s following a tight process.

Once I dialed in my process, I was able to raise rounds quickly and reliably.

Now that I’m out the other end of Kindara, I decided to use what I learned over the last 10 years to make it easier for other entrepreneurs to do what I did and up level their fundraising by implementing a proven process.

And that’s what we do in Fundraising Mastery. We work with our CEO’s to implement a proven 5-step fundraising process that turns them into fundraising badasses.

You can outsource everything in your business except fundraising, so I believe this is a skill every visionary entrepreneur needs to get good at.

For more on our process here’s a recording of a presentation I did for the Founder Institute

So all this to say, if you are working on something impactful, and are struggling or even just frustrated OR if you want to level up your game with investors now is the time to get in touch with us to see if you’re a fit for this next cohort of Fundraising Mastery.

We’ve got an exceptional group of founders already assembled..

We are currently enrolling our next cohort! will you join us?