At some point as I was raising seed capital for Kindara, I realized I had within me a super-power: the ability to tell stories.

The more I raised and the more investors I closed, the more convinced I became that storytelling was a fundraising secret weapon.

I discovered that storytelling is useful for getting meetings, pitching investors, answering investor questions, and closing investors.

At first, it perplexed me, but then I learned that storytelling is how human knowledge was passed down for millions of years.

Our brains are literally wired to understand, remember, and recount stories.

So how does this apply to fundraising?

Well as many of us have learned, just because you have a solid concept, team, product, traction, and market opportunity, it doesn’t mean investors will get excited.

Because excitement is an emotion, and the language of emotion is storytelling.

If however, you add in a compelling, emotional, and impactful story that brings all the elements of your pitch together, it tends to stick.

Investors tend to get excited, remember you more, and fundraising starts to become a lot easier.

So in our ongoing quest to support early-stage mission-driven entrepreneurs to succeed at fundraising, please join me next Thursday, Oct 8th at 12 noon ET for a FREE Webinar all about storytelling and seed-stage fundraising.

I’ll have a very special guest who specializes in storytelling for founders. And we’ll have time to take questions about how storytelling applies to you and your company.

We’re going to go deep into the art of storytelling and how you can use it to get your round closed.

See you!